How to care for a leather bag: 5 tips

When you buy a great leather bag like our you either try to speed up time to achieve that worked-for-it patina and softness or attempt to guard it from all signs of wear. Turns out, there are a few things you should do no matter which look you prefer. Here are our simple tips for taking care of your leather bag.  Just remember, a little care goes a long way!

1. Take the extra five minutes to treat it.

We know, we know. The second you buy a new bag you want to break it out, but pretreating the leather (rubbing the surface with an oil-based coating like Bee Natural Leather Finish Wax) prevents ink and oil stains from sinking in.

2. Give it a good cleaning twice a year.
“Some oil is good and will bring out the leather’s natural creases and that beautiful darkened fade,” says Arty. “But it needs to be cleaned so the patina is truly the leather breaking in, not buildup.” Two times per year, apply two coats of a conditioner (Arty recommends Bee Natural Mink Oil) with a leather brush, and finish with their Leather Protector spray.

3. Be hands-on with your bag.
This one’s for those who like that kinda slouchy look and don’t want to wait a year to get it. Arty suggests laying your bag on a flat surface and then, starting from the bottom, roll it up. Reroll starting from a different side of the tote. Then, turn it inside out and roll it again.

4. Have a plan in case of ink/red wine/lip balm/etc. emergencies.
There are some things even pretreated leather can’t fight. Arty advises bringing your bag to a specialist and resisting the urge to sprinkle the stain with powder or cornstarch. P.S. Though it’s counterintuitive, do not use soap—it can’t penetrate a stain and will strip your bag’s natural finish, not to mention leave a residue.

5. Accept that how you care for your bag is how it will look.
The aforementioned treatments will slow down the aging process, but a bag that’s often tossed onto the floor will look like just that. Show a little extra love toward your bag, and it’ll show you a little extra love right back.